EMS gets $400,000 upgrade

EMS gets $400,000 upgrade

New equipment expected to increase emergency patient outcomes


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) yesterday announced the acquisition of $400,000 worth of emergency medical services equipment that is expected to significantly improve the delivery of care for emergency patients in The Bahamas.

In a statement, the PHA announced that it purchased the ZOLL ‘X’ Series Cardiac Monitor, a monitor and defibrillator designed to work in ambulances that boasts open communication and integrated WiFi, and 10 ZOLL auto-pulses, a mechanical automated chest compression device, which administers CPR at a prescribed rate and depth in accordance with the American Health Association.

Seven auto-pulse devices will be used in New Providence; two in Grand Bahama and another in Abaco.

Boston-based ZOLL Medical Corporation, an Asahi Kasei Group Company, develops and markets medical devices and software solutions.

Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands heralded the acquisition as a special achievement.

He said notwithstanding the challenges first responders face in the field, they maintain a level or professionalism that ought to be applauded.

“For me, this is personal to see how far EMS has come and to know that we have invested significantly in the tools needed for them to continue the incredible work that they do,” Sands said.

“Giving them the opportunity to be able to impact the lives of those in medical distress is what we ought to be doing, and so we have spent nearly $400,000 on this equipment and we will spend more if it means that it is going to improve patient outcomes.”

National Emergency Medical Services (NEMS) Director Dr. Alvery Hanna said the new devices will also enhance safety for staff, explaining that for proper hand placement during chest compressions emergency medical services personnel have to stand in a moving ambulance, which presents challenges.

“There is, of course, the challenge of fatigue,” Dr. Hanna said.

“So, with the use of these automated devices those challenges would be eliminated.”

Calling the acquisition of the equipment a strategic capital investment, PHA Deputy Managing Director Lyrone Burrows said the purchase will “greatly enhance the best outcomes for our emergency cases”.

The equipment is also expected to improve survival rates, according to ZOLL Medical Corporation representative Paul Vasquez.

“The ‘X’ series and the auto pulse are two systems that provide the high-quality CPR that the American Heaty Association guidelines require,” Vasquez said.

“That means that you will be able to provide high-quality CPR, improving survival rates and outcomes are going to be better.

“People will be able to go back to work in a week, continue spending time with their families and return to the lives they had before their medical situation.”