Emergency orders amended to regulate care providers

Emergency orders amended to regulate care providers

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Governor-General has issued an amendment to the Emergency Powers COVD-19 regulations, making way for the regulation of care providers.

The amendment inserts a new regulation allowing competent authority to make orders regulating the sector of persons providing medical, therapeutic, and other patient care.

The latest order comes as Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis announced that additional essential services would be allowed to open this week.

Minnis announced that hardware, lumber, plumbing, electrical stores, auto part stores, hardware and homes and plant nurseries will now be included as essential services, and open to the public throughout the week.

However, the government’s rationale in opening the sectors has been questioned, given its strict shutdown policies.

In efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the country and mitigate the significant impact on the country’s already weak health system, a state of emergency was declared, the country’s borders have been closed and a nationwide curfew and lockdown has been implemented until April 30.

The Bahamas has confirmed 65 cases of the virus to date, of which seven have been confirmed in Grand Bahama, 56 in New Providence, one confirmed case in Cat Cay, and one confirmed case on the island of Bimini.

Additionally, there have been nine COVID-19 related deaths.

Some 654 people are in quarantine in government facilities or at home in isolation and 12 people have recovered.





Good morning to all it puzzles me with what’s goin on I must say the choices what are being made to low down the spread of this virus are good ones just the actual way they are doing it is wrong first of they say no social gathering but everyday the stores are filled wit people from different homes including the ones that has to wrk an that alone is risky alot of them workers have small kids they jobs then cut hours an letting people go but money still making whichin I think they should being pay they staff full pay and little something for hazardous pay

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