Electro-Telecom offers free classes to local primary school students

In effort to assist students who are academically challenged and need additional help, CEO of Electro-Telecom, Paul Smith has launched an initiative to offer free classes to assist students at four schools in the capital.

“It is sad today to see that when you move through the junior schools, there are kids in the seventh grade that are unable to read and write, or are doing so on a grade one level,” said Smith, who was speaking at Wednesday’s launch at the Stephen Dillet Primary School.

According to Smith, teachers have expressed that there is a disconnect when it comes to teaching at least one or two of their 25 students. But Smith said he intends to help resolve this issue and turn things around.

District Superintendent for the Western New Providence Primary School, Janice Moss, said Smith’s initiative is one that the Ministry of Education endorses to enhance the critical skills of students.

“We are ensuring that these students are given the opportunity to excel through remediation… through intervention,” Moss said.