Education Minister talk down to people

Education Minister talk down to people
Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd. (FILE PHOTO)

The Catholic Church has been the bedrock of The Bahamas since time immemorial. The mission work that was once carried out by nuns and the church made its mark as it related to caring for the poor, sick and shut in. The charitable outreach work is legendary and should be commended. In short, the Catholic Church has been and is synonymous with caring for the least among us.

I personally can remember the assistance given to us from Bain Town through St. Joseph Church with Father Marcian Peters at the helm. During the mid to late ‘50s, I can vividly remember the cheese and dry milk that we eagerly waited for. That is my memory of the environment I grew up in. Father Marcian, the nuns and all associated with the church at that time were all mild mannered and even tempered, with calm dispositions.

The main reason for the walk down memory lane is because I have been slapped in the face of reality when I listen to Minister of Education Jeff Lloyd and cannot ignore his brash, superiority complex like attitude. I was stunned because I know that he is a deacon of the Catholic Church, which is out of character for someone in that position.

The insensitivity and cold attitude commonly displayed when he is referring to human suffering is uncharacteristic.

“I don’t care what the people say” is such a poor choice of words when talking about people who have been sent home to starve by a callous government. His condescending tone, and ‘holier than thou’ pronouncements are glaring. He could easily be called, “Mr. Goody two shoes!”

No matter how you slice it or dice it, being unemployed is a tragedy.

If Mr. Lloyd or any member of the Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis government had an ounce of heart, they would not be so inhumane. But what they have not said, is no expatriate has been sent home, only poor people from over the hill.

All foreign contract workers, with the free education, free housing, no VAT and entertainment allowances have kept their jobs, and are protected.

That is why there will be no whites, Filipinos or Chinese on the immigration bus during their round-up, none at the Detention Center and none will be arrested or taken to prison.

But the Education Minister who is a deacon “could care less”.

What goes around, comes across!


Ivoine W. Ingraham