Eco-friendly business boasts compostables

Eco-friendly business boasts compostables
A Bahamian business owner has taken a clean approach to maintain a pristine environment through his online business, Bahamas Compostables.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mike Lightbourn, also a resident of Abaco, Bahamas told Eyewitness News on Thursday that his business caters to protecting the environment because the business’ products break down and disintegrate rather than add to the pollution.
“It’s a compostable product which means that it will break down in a compostable environment rather quickly,” Lightbourn said.
“It will break down in landfills that are unmanaged, as most of our landfills are in The Bahamas, and it will take a little more time. In a compostable environment, it will break down in 60 to 90 days tops.”
There may not be any recyclable plants on the island of Abaco yet, but Bahamas Compostables’ products are providing a more eco-friendly way to use necessity products for eating and packaging.
“Right now, what we offer is fully compostable biodegradable products that range from napkins, knives, forks, cups and take-a-ways,” he added.
The hopes are that in the future more biodegradable and compostables will be used instead of plastics.
“Over time, we hope to not see so much trash piling up on the side of the road due to Styrofoams and plastics, and will inevitably disappear and go back into the earth,” he noted.
Lightbourn, an avid environmentalist himself, confirmed that his business is environmentally conscious as he too is a farmer and only wants the best for the environment and The Bahamas.
“So far we are getting a great response and everyone is interested gearing up for the holiday season.  Many businesses in Nassau have expressed partnering with us as well,” he said.
Just four months young, Bahamas Compostables also conducts beach cleanups with ‘Friends of The Environment’ by providing them with compostable bags.
Lightbourn’s endeavours of creating more awareness about a cleaner environment will add to the movement of bringing “The Bahamas forward” into the future as Environment and Housing Minister Romauld Ferreira announced a few months back the nation joined banning plastics by 2020 campaign.