Early Christmas for one lucky Remy Cointreau customer

Early Christmas for one lucky Remy Cointreau customer
Longtime Jimmy’s Wines and Spirits customer Christio Edgecombe receives a cheque of $1,738 during a special presentation at the Jimmy’s Wines and Spirits East Bay Street location on December 11, 2020. (PHOTO: BAREFOOT MARKETING)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Christmas came early for Christio Edgecombe in 2020, courtesy of Remy Martin and distributer Jimmy’s Wine and Spirits, when the brands joined forces to host a holiday promotion that allowed customers to win $1,738 (Remy’s well-known inauguration date).

Remy Business Development Manager Keiani Thomas said: “We were very excited to host this initiative as a way to give back to our loyal customers. Remy Martin and the 1738 brand is a well-known offering in the community, so what better way to say thank you for the continued support than through this giveaway?

“Twenty-twenty has been a difficult year for all of us, and we all could use a cash prize of $1,738. This was the perfect opportunity for us to reward our customers for sticking with us this year.”

Last April, Remy Cointreau seamlessly transitioned into the BBB portfolio of brands, with its premium offerings like Remy Martin Cognac, St Remy brandy and Mount Gay Rum quickly becoming customer favorites, according to Jimmy’s Wines and Spirits.

To qualify and be entered to win the promotion, customers were required to make a purchase of one bottle of Remy 1738. For six weeks, “a substantial amount of entries” was received. To broadcast the winner, the brewery teamed up with 103.5 The Beat, declaring Edgecombe the winner on December 11.

Days later, Edgecombe, a long-time customer, was presented with a check during a special presentation at Jimmy’s Wines and Spirits East Bay Street location.

Edgecombe said: “The pandemic has been rough, but I’ve been persevering and trying to remain goal-oriented. So, this comes at a great time because I’ll be able to purchase gifts for my son and other family members.”

Remy Martin and Jimmy’s Wine & Spirits are looking forward to an exciting new year of products and promotions.

Thomas added: “We are so thankful for the continued support of our customers and are already working hard to provide more product choices and unforgettable experiences in 2021 and beyond.”