Dunkin’ Donuts explains its ‘no donut’ dilemma

Dunkin’ Donuts explains its ‘no donut’ dilemma

Donuts will be back on the shelves of all locations today

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Domestic franchise holders for international brand Dunkin’ Donuts confirmed to Eyewitness News Online yesterday that a shortage in its basic dough-mix was caused by an unexpected increase in business, which led to supplies being depleted at a faster pace than usual.

News broke Tuesday afternoon that Dunkin’ Donuts shelves were empty due to a shortage in the brand’s special donut mix.

According to Ash Henderson, Marketing Manager at Dunkin’ Donuts Bahamas, the local franchise has seen exponential growth in business when compared to sales calculated at this same time last year.

It’s a “perfect storm,” that he said left stores throughout New Providence without the sugary-round treats.

“Our donut sales have been increasing year over year and this year has just been fantastic,” he said.

“We love making donuts and we love that all of our consumers love eating our donuts. Unfortunately, a high demand and a small shipping issue became a ‘perfect storm,’ of temporary unavailability.”

Henderson shared that Dunkin’s domestic marketing team kicked into immediate damage control.

Their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram broke the news to customers.

A flyer stated, “No Dough = No Donuts. We’re sorry! We know we had one job, but we couldn’t keep up. We’ll be back in the donut business in no time! The Bahamas Runs Outta Dunkin. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused as all of our locations are presently out of donuts. You can enjoy our freshly baked donuts in all locations on Thursday.”

Within minutes Bahamian Dunkin’ Donut lovers had a field day on Facebook.

One lighthearted comment said, “everything cool dough?”

Another Facebook follower said, “yall know what this place name? How could you have no donuts?”

Then there were the understanding ones, “my hats go off to your marketing staff. Yinna accept responsibility.”

Henderson asserted that his marketing team wanted to remain upfront and honest with consumers.

“Well we feel very strongly about being open and honest and didn’t want to hide anything. We would rather people know that we are temporarily out of donuts rather than coming here and finding out and then being disappointed,” he explained.

“We use a dough-mix from Dunkin’ that has to be shipped in; so unfortunately, we cannot go to a store and buy flour to make them ourselves. They won’t be the donuts that we all know and love.”

While Dunkin’ is out of its special dough-mix donuts, there are cake donuts as an alternative.

“Some stores still have a small supply of our cake donuts which is the old fashioned style denser dough, but unfortunately most of the donuts that we make and sell are the ring and shell type donuts, and those are what we are temporarily out of.”

Henderson highlighted that they still have other savory items on the menu as well.

“We have all of our hot coffee and iced coffees, espressos, juices, coladas, muffins, bagels, croissants, sandwiches. Almost a full range of products, just not the one thing we are known for right now – donuts,” he said.

Henderson revealed that the dough shipment arrived in New Providence Wednesday afternoon and reconfirmed that donuts will be on shelves in all locations on Thursday morning.