DTSP Track and field club hosts first meet

DTSP Track and field club hosts first meet
Athletes get on track at inaugural DTSP Wolfpack Meet.

The DTSP Track and Field Club hosted its first athletics meet on Saturday at the original Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.

Participating athletes competed in the sprint races – 100, 200 and 400 meters (m) – as well as relay and hurdle races and middle distance races, including the 800 and 1500m events. The high jump, discus throw, and both the long and triple jumps were featured on the field.

Weather conditions were not ideal for track and field. As a result, most races had negative wind readings, meaning that the athletes were running into the wind, instead of against it.

On the track, Lavardo Handfield JR., from Bahamas High Performance, won the under-20 boys 400 in 48.95 seconds. Edward Munroe, from the Phoenix Track and Field Club, was second in 50.15 seconds, while Gareth Lewis from DTSP, was a close third, crossing the line in 50.16 seconds.

Aliyah Gibson, from Bahamas High Performance, won the under-20 girls 400 in 59.34 seconds, followed by Maya Miller, from Ambassadors Athletics, in 1:02.42 and Shannea Ingraham, from Club Monica, in 1:10.60.

Lamont Moss, from DTSP, won the under-17 boys 400 in 53.61 seconds, while Laila Smith-Cleare won the girls race in 1:00.16.

In the short sprints, Karon Dixon and Max Azor both finished the under-20 boys 100 in 10.90 seconds, however, Dean was awarded the gold. Both athletes compete for Swift Athletics.

Jude Murray, from Bahamas High performance, was third in 11.18 seconds. Janika Chisholm captured gold in the under-20 girls’ 1000 in 12.70 seconds, Demetrius Rolle, from DTSP, took the under-17 boys race in 11.30 seconds and Sandra Mitchell, from Fast Forward Athletics, won the under-17 girls race in 12.74 seconds.

Over on the field, Tristan Hanna, from Fast Forward, won the under-20 boys long jump with a leap of 5.90m, Deshan Stuart, from Leap of Faith, won the under-20 girls’ event in 4.83m and Amina Forbes, from Leap of Faith, scored gold in the girls under-20 high jump with a mark of 1.35m.

The DTSP, which is registered under the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA), currently has approximately 35 members.

It has been in operation since May 2013, and according to head coach Larry Clarke, the club’s mission is to “provide young, aspiring athletes an opportunity to attain their maximum athletic potential through the development of technique, speed and power; to foster high self-esteem, self-discipline, dedication, and require discipline and respect for coaches and all persons in authority.