‘Flooorida’ goes to jail

Twenty-one-year-old Handerea Rolle, centre, is escorted to court by police.

Twenty-one-year-old Handerea Rolle, who become a Bahamian Internet sensation in recent weeks, was hauled before the courts today on drug charges regarding yesterday’s seizure of 1 ¾ pounds of marijuana.

Rolle’s snap chat video went viral two weeks ago and she made the now famous comment ” “Broke people shop Miami and I shop in Florida.

Along side Rolle, Illano Noel, and 41-year-old Kenneth Moncur were charged with possession of dangerous drugs.

Both Rolle and Moncur pleaded not guilty while Noel entered a guilty plea to possession with intent to supply.

According to police acting on information they searched Noel’s Smith Lane home and the accused were found flushing what is believed  to be marijuana down the toilet.

Magistrate, Subusola Swain, sentenced Noel to 18 months in jail.

While Rolle and Moncur have been remanded to the  Department of Corrections. Their case has been adjourned until February 27 of this year.