DQ gears up for Miracle Treat Day 2018

DQ gears up for Miracle Treat Day 2018

Thousands of Bahamians are expected to flock to Dairy Queen (DQ) locations June 21 as the company is set to host its annual Miracle Treat Day next Thursday.

The fundraising project is centered around helping sick children. It has been practiced in the United States for 30+ years but was adopted by Dairy Queen Bahamas 5 years ago today. In the past four years, DQ has donated to Down Syndrome, Kids with Diabetes, Autism, and this year The Red Cross Center for Deaf Children.

Principal of the Red Cross Deaf Center Sonya Curry-Rolle said she is excited for the donations and the possibility of providing more hearing aids for children in need. Curry-Rolle mentioned that hearing aids can be very expensive, sometimes exceeding $3,000 dollars per child.

“Hearing aids today are very expensive,” Curry-Rolle explained.

“… for two of them to be fitted on children, that can be over $3,000 and many of our parents cannot afford that.”

She also mentioned that the hearing aids will help the children with speech and auditory training.

You can help Dairy Queen in their efforts to support the Red Cross Center for the Deaf by buying a blizzard next Thursday at any Dairy Queen location. If you are not able to make it that day, DQ they are also selling coupons, the proceeds of which also contribute to this fundraiser and have no expiration date.

DQ’s Operations Manager Crystal Campbell said that their goal this year is $8,000  and are accepting all donations to help them reach that goal.


This article was written by GINELLE LONGLEY, Eyewitness News intern.