DPM: Gov’t hopeful Port Lucaya Marketplace can resume operations quickly

DPM: Gov’t hopeful Port Lucaya Marketplace can resume operations quickly

Market is a “significant centerpiece” of the economy of Grand Bahama

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- The government is hopeful that the Port Lucaya Marketplace can resume its operations as quickly as possible, according to Deputy Prime Minister K Peter Turnquest, who underscored the facility’s importance to the economy of Grand Bahama.

Turnquest explained marketplace owners are in the process of assessing the level of losses sustained at the property along with insurance adjusters.

“The Port Lucaya Marketplace is a significant centerpiece of the economy in Grand Bahama,” he said.

“It is in everyone’s interest including the owners and tenants for it to get back up in operation as quickly as possible to allow for commerce to start. We are hopeful they will be able to have whatever surveys and whatever assessments need to be done as quickly as possible so those businesses can reopen, people can get back to work and we can start serving our tourists as quickly as possible which is very important to the overall economy of Grand Bahamas.”

Operators for the Port Lucaya Marketplace confirmed their intent to reopen the property as soon as possible in a Facebook post last week.

The owners reportedly traveled to Freeport to meet with loss adjusters but could not because the insurance company did not obtain the necessary work permits, and its workers were asked to leave the country. In the Facebook post, operators appealed for assistance in expediting those permits as the clean-up process hinged on structural assessments.

The Port Lucaya Marketplace is the largest shopping, dining and entertainment open air facility in the Bahamas, with multiple specialty stores, boutiques and restaurants. The facility situated on the Lucayan Strip in the heart of Grand Bahama’s main tourism area, was purchased by British businessman Peter Hunt some four years ago.