DPM: Financial donations to go directly to impacted people and communities

DPM: Financial donations to go directly to impacted people and communities
NASSAU, BAHAMAS -Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance K Peter Turnquest yesterday reiterated all financial donations made to The Bahamas government for Hurricane Dorian relief would go directly to the people and communities impacted by the deadly storm.
Speaking ahead of a Cabinet meeting yesterday, Mr Turnquest said: “I want to be clear, donation money is not got toward the administration of the new ministry or any agency. That is funding that is paid through the consolidated fund and those costs will be borne by the government. The donated money will go directly to the intended beneficiaries, ie those people and communities that have been impacted to provide the services that they require.”
Referring to the New Ministry Of Disaster Preparedness, Management And Reconstruction, Mr Turnquest said: “The budget for the ministry is still very much being laid out and formulated. At the moment the operating cost is being funded through the Office of the Prime  Minster’s budget.
“We may not have the full and complete budget for the new ministry before the mid-term when we come back to lay out the cost as well as the plan going forward in terms of how this whole event will reprioritize the government’s finances.”
Deputy Prime Minister K Peter Turnquest recently pushed back against criticism by the Opposition over the recent establishment of the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness, Management and Reconstruction.
Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Fred Mitchell on Sunday lambasted the Minnis administration over its hurricane relief response and the prime minister’s refusal to meet with PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis in the aftermath of the storm.