DPM: Cabinet to decide fate of unemployment assistance on Tuesday

DPM: Cabinet to decide fate of unemployment assistance on Tuesday
Minister of Finance K Peter Turnquest (BIS Photo/Patrick Hanna)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Government will decide on Tuesday how its unemployment assistance program will be shaped going forward according to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance K Peter Turnquest.

Speaking with Eyewitness News on the matter Turnquest said government was mindful of the fact that thousands of Bahamians remain jobless and in need of assistance, with most of the major hotel properties still closed over COVID-19 concerns.

“We are mindful of the fact that there are people who still have a significant need as a result of the loss of their income. We are looking at the program and we will make a decision on Tuesday as to how the program will be shaped going forward and do as we have been doing the past six months; the best we can with the resources available to us,” said Turnquest.

He added, “We will see what we can do with respect to the resources that are available and that will determine what, if, how and how many we will be able to assist. We had always indicated that we had a program that would run out in September. We are going to have to re-prioritize some expenditure because we have no intention of going out for any additional borrowing.”

Earlier this month Turnquest revealed that government has spent $15.4 million to help self-employed people who do not ordinarily qualify for unemployment benefits from the National Insurance Board.

He said noted that government has also spent just under $38 million to help unemployed people who exhausted their standard NIB benefit.

In total, 35,593 people have benefited in some way from the government’s unemployment assistance programs.


Good morning Members of Parliament I want to thank you all for your assistance my family appreciate everything and we know Government is trying there best to do what is needed God bless you all

Why is it that persons applying for unemployment benefits can not be dealt with because their only dealing with persons who were recently placed out of a job due to covid-19

Why is it that many people like myself haven’t been straight because qualified situation. They are many companies I have worked for that paid my contributions, just that last job I’ve work for 6 months and was finished in February this year that paid my contribution . I was preparing to get another job but this virus pandemic came up and caused me not to working so therefore I applied for unemployed benefits from April and still ain’t got straight as yet, why is that?

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