DOMINO TOURNAMENT TURNS DEADLY: One killed and two injured in Millar’s Heights triple shooting

DOMINO TOURNAMENT TURNS DEADLY: One killed and two injured in Millar’s Heights triple shooting
The scene of a triple shooting in Millar's Heights, off Carmichael Road, on Saturday, March 5, 2022.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A triple shooting in Millar’s Heights, off Carmichael Road, during a domino tournament on Saturday night has left one man dead, another in critical condition in hospital and a woman injured.

Officers responding to reports of gunshots found the two men, both of whom had “wounds to the head”, and a woman with gunshot wounds.

Emergency medical services personnel transported the men to hospital, where they were taken into trauma surgery.

[pullquote]The guy here got shoot many times… They knew who they came for.

– Bystander[/pullquote]

The woman, who reportedly suffered minimal injuries, was taken to hospital and said to be stable.

According to reports, several people were enjoying a social gathering when a man armed with a gun began shooting at an “initial individual”, before also shooting at the other attendees.

It was unclear if the victims were the intended targets.

Superintendent Audley Peters said: “We do not know the motive for this incident at this time.

“However, our officers are collating their information as they canvass the area and speak with the witnesses who were present and in due course, as they sit together and put the information together, we will know what the motive of this incident was.”

A participant of the tournament that turned deadly told Eyewitness News that as the event was coming to a close and he was packing up, he heard the sound of gunshots and ducked for cover.

When he got up and ran to his car, he spotted the bodies of the two men and woman on the ground.

“Everybody say ‘get down, get down’ and when I came out and I run over to my car, I see two bullets and a lady was on the ground,” he said.

“…Another gentleman was here, and another gentleman was over there.

“So, it was three of them on the ground.

“The guy here got shoot many times because the car came from the north side and they stop and they came out, and they shoot him a few more times and then they sped off and gone.

“They knew who they came for.”

Asked if he feared for his life, the man said: “When they shoot him, the bullets just — they wasn’t really shooting in the crowd.

“If they were shooting in the crowd, there would have been more than three people [who] get [shoot].”

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