Doctors Hospital eyeing Family Island expansion

Doctors Hospital eyeing Family Island expansion
Doctors Hospital

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Doctors Hospital is actively in the planning phases of extending its healthcare services beyond New Providence, according to a top executive. 

Dennis Deveaux, the healthcare provider’s chief financial officer, said the BISX-listed health care provider has taken steps to lower the cost of access to its services in light of the current economic realities facing many Bahamians.

He was addressing the eighth annual Andros Business Outlook.

Deveaux noted with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing some businesses to terminate employees, many persons are also losing their healthcare coverage.

“As we think about what Doctors Hospital will look like over the next five, 10 or 15 years we recognize that that commitment has to extend beyond the island of Nassau,” he said.

“We are actively in the planning phases of trying to make that happen in concert with the government and also in close communication with local physicians on the ground. In small islands especially, folks do not go to a Doctors Hospital or a branded clinic, they go to their local doctor and we recognize that those relationships with a health system like ours is critical,” said Deveaux.

Noting widespread job losses during a pandemic, Deveaux underscored many persons stood to lose their coverage as insurance is most commonly tied to employment.

He also noted that co-payments and deductibles as high as 40 percent in some cases impacts insurance affordability for many.

“We strategized about what we could do to lower the barriers of access to healthcare by making it more affordable,” said Deveaux.

He noted that Doctors Hospital has introduced a loyalty advantage membership program.

The $40 per month primary care plan allows members to see a Doctors Hospital primary care physician, two free imaging studies in a given year, a free mammography for the member and their mother among other discounts.

“The reaction has been phenomenal. It is something we are looking to deploy beyond the island of Nassau. We think that $40 a month is the right price point for people to access world class healthcare,” said Deveaux.

The hospital is also offering an insurance supplement at $20 a month which allows for a complete waiver of deductibles or out of pocket obligations.

“There is no catch. We are willing as a hospital in order to lower barriers to access to waive deductibles and co-payments for any outpatient service that is delivered at Doctor’s Hospital full stop,” Deveaux said.

“We think this is a core part of responding to the new reality that folks do not have the financial resources to access healthcare like they traditionally would.”


What a great idea that’s VISION and it comes from God go doctor’s go go with you all build serve your people you will be blessed give the country frist class service don’t you are number 1 take this country back in gealthcare am praying

Great news. Abaco is in desperate need of a hospital and would be the perfect location with all of its surrounding cays.

Is Dennis Deveaux Bahamian??? He must know Joy Jibrilu.
The island is not Nassau, it’s New Providence. Neither one of them could possibly be Bahamian – shameful.

Ok that maybe so but that’s not the issue on the table. It’s the concept being put forward. This can assist many Bahamians, even those that know the island is known as New Providence . May persons need health care and many can’t afford it . This can assist many greatly. Be he Bahamian or not our people are being help.

I’m sorry. Maybe I wasn’t clear. No one is challenging the idea on the table, though its timing is highly suspicious. After all these years in operation, Doctors Hospital JUST NOW has this idea to expand? Don’t believe it is out of the goodness of their hearts for the Bahamian people who have need of healthcare. Businesses, including private hospitals, expand where they see profit possibilities.

And the island is not known as New Providence – it IS New Providence. That’s not just a name you call t. And if you don’t know your own country, you will be perceived as ignorant of its needs, and no one will take you seriously with anything you say after you display your ignorance.

I think Andros would be a great location. It’s close to New Providence should the need arise for emergencies. We also have direct shipping from America if equipment is needed. We are surrounded by a large pine forest and third largest barrier reef; both which can break up a storm. Therefore you would not be overly concerned by a hurricane if you build inland. Things to consider …

Doctors just fired a while lot of people which is bad because they over worked them all through covid now they expanding? Smdh terrible management so many people are out of a job because of you guys and there is no nib screw y’all I wish no good for you your hospital

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