Doctors Hospital begins construction on $20 million Freeport hospital

Doctors Hospital begins construction on $20 million Freeport hospital

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Doctors Hospital Health System (DHHS) has announced that it has started construction on its new $20 million medical facility in Freeport.  

Doctors Hospital has reached an agreement to secure the use of the First Commercial Centre for the purpose of establishing a new 25-bed state-of-the-art hospital on the island. The building was acquired for use by Doctors Hospital through cooperation with local philanthropists who facilitated its acquisition and will support various aspects of the renovation.

The concept for the medical facility involves establishing a 5,000 square foot emergency room with nine critical care rooms/bays, delivery of select outpatient services, full inpatient accommodation up to intensive care level,  maternity/labor and delivery suites,  accommodation for local/visiting specialists, as well as two modern operating suite for certain surgical procedures. The facility when completed will be approximately 52,850 square feet.  The total construction budget is estimated at $20 million.

“We recognize that an unmet need has existed in the healthcare landscape in Grand Bahama for decades,” he said.

“Our groundbreaking is another milestone in Doctors Hospital’s commitment to the delivery of quality medical care in the Northern Bahamas. This is an important critical step,” said Dr Charles Diggiss, DHHS President & CEO.

“Our vision for the Grand Bahama hospital is a bold one and we now work to create a private flagship healthcare facility of which all Grand Bahamians can be proud.”

Prior to starting construction at its new hospital in Freeport, Doctors Hospital took over and renovated the former practice of Dr Mallikharjuna R. Kavala in Eight Mile Rock.  The hospital has also recently announced it has concluded the construction of a new clinic also in Freeport on West Mall Drive which will provide urgent care and accommodation for visiting specialists.  Doctors Hospital Grand Bahama accepts NHI for covered services and features affordable financing arrangements.

Notwithstanding the cost to establish the facility, access has been prioritized by Doctors Hospital as core to its delivery model.

“We are approaching the need for healthcare in Grand Bahama with affordability in mind,” said Chief Financial Officer and Project Lead Dennis Deveaux.

“We intend to design fixed payment arrangements that will feature unlimited access to primary care providers and will be deliberate in developing similar programs for inpatient admission for both insured and cash-paying patients.  These offerings will create the access needed, and will fall within the umbrella of our Loyalty Advantage Membership Program (LAMP),” Deveaux continued.

“We are pleased to work with Doctors Hospital and believe they are the right partner to build a modern urgent care center and hospital on the island, a much-needed service,” said Gregory Paton-ash, who has coordinated the engagement of other philanthropists principally Mr Kent Rockwell, noted American industrialist and principal donor, and Mr. Pietro Stefanutti, a prominent local businessman.

The group is not expected to participate in the ongoing operation, which is left to Doctors Hospital.  According to Doctors Hospital, total employment will grow to 90 once operations reach a mature stage.


If you can have this hospital approved by Social Security”Medicare” then Americans could have medical coverage in Freeport.

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