DNA to rollout platform of “good governance”

DNA to rollout platform of “good governance”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Becoming the first female to lead a major political party in The Bahamas, Democratic National Alliance (DNA) leader Arinthia Komolafe has taken a lot of heat. Nevertheless, the fearless girl boss revealed to Eyewitness News Online her first order of business should she be elected to office.

“Obviously, we’ve never had a female prime minister, so there’s a lot of dialogue going on surrounding the female and questions are arising regarding are we ready for a female and who is this particular woman,” Komolafe said.

“We’re obviously going to put in place the good governance platform, that we’ve been campaigning.

“This current administration indicated that they would move forward with certain good governance legislation.

“We’ve seen many of them tabled, but none of them have come into force.

“Things like campaign finance reform is going to be top on our agenda.”

The DNA leader said her party will also be bringing into full implementation of the Freedom of Information Act and the Integrity Commission Bill.

“We’re also going to address the fiscal issues of the country,” Komlafe said.

And with crime taking a downward trend in recent times, Komolafe said that the DNA will continue to sustain the reduction of crime.

“When a person commits a crime, that’s the end result of a bigger problem,” she said “We have to peel back the problem. And so the multifaceted approach that we’re going to take is to address the economy and revamp the education system, to ensure that we are producing students from the Bahamian schools that have the requisite skills to be able to work.”

Chairman of the DNA, Omar Smith shared with Eyewitness News Online that the importance of a third party to impact the election is imperative.

“The problems and the issues that we are facing as Bahamians are not being resolved,” Smith said.

“And so, it’s just a dissatisfaction and so the DNA is an organization that is an alternative and a place where Bahamians can see that that’s where you can find those answers – that’s where you can get a relief t- that’s where you have an alternative to what you’ve been getting before.”

Although unsuccessful in the past, the DNA remains committed to providing Bahamians with a new option in the 2022  general elections.


This article was written by Matthew Moxey – Eyewitness News Online Intern