Distillery sales return as US and local economy reopens

Distillery sales return as US and local economy reopens
John Watling's Distillery.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — John Watling’s Distillery said yesterday that export sales for its rums continues to grow as the US begins to reopen its economy, with its co-founder noting that local sales have also increased as restaurants and liquor stores reopen.

Pepin Argamasilla, co-founder of John Watling’s Distillery, said: “Export sales for John Watling’s rums continue to grow as the United States reopens its economy. In The Bahamas, we have noticed an increase in rum and vodka sales as restaurants reopen for outdoor dining and liquor stores for curbside sales.”

Back in April, the company announced the production of a hand-sanitizer for The Bahamas.

Argamasilla said that after a flood of import hand sanitizer into the market sales have now stabilized.

“The 8 oz bottles have been discontinued and we have launched a 16oz with spray tops and one gallon bottles,” Argamasilla continued.

“What is very concerning is the amount of non-alcohol hand sanitizer in the market. Much of this hand sanitizer is anti-bacterial but not anti-viral. It is important that consumers understand that in order to combat COVID-19. The hand sanitizer must be anti-viral, which according to the CDC, the sanitizer must have a minimum of 60 percent of iso or ethyl alcohol. Our sanitizer is made from ethyl alcohol.”


I can understand why local sales are on the rise again. The government’s mishandling of the covid-19 situation would lead everyone to need a drink.

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