Dept. of Inland Revenue participates in financial modeling workshop

Dept. of Inland Revenue participates in financial modeling workshop

Training program aimed at enhancing data interpretation

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Department of Inland Revenue will participate in a 3-day intensive training workshop to reinforce Excel functions through financial modeling to enhance data interpretation within the unit. The hands-on program is organized by the International Business & Economic (IBE) Forum and will take place from July 2-4.

The IBE Forum is a training platform that provides professional training programs and opportunities for continuing professional development. The IBE Forum organizes several Financial Modeling sessions per year around the Caribbean. The course outlined for The Bahamas is “Advanced Financial Modelling and Dashboards with Excel.”

The Researched-based training course allows for individual, focused attention with a maximum of 20 participants, and covers more than simple forecasting of financial statements. The course is of value to a wide range of functions within an organizationand includes exercises from accounting, finance, marketing and operations.

Conducting the workshop is globally renowned expert in Financial Modeling and spreadsheet techniques,Gerald Strever, Senior Managing Partner of Finance Training Solutions, specializing in Financial Strategy, Business Modeling, Financial Risk Modeling and Company Valuation with the IBE Forum.

The training is highly recommended by Strever for those in the financial sector. Course attendees will learn how to design, construct and effectively use a robust financial model using the unique, branded “Quadrant Financial Modeling System” Strever developed.

Once complete, attendees will be better equipped to measure, interpret and predict a company’s performance using advanced Excel. To ensure they have mastered the techniques provided, those who have completed the workshop will be able to solve real life financial modeling issues and challenges as well as have an opportunity to build a full financial model, under Mr. Strever’s  supervision on the final day.