Department of Statistics Labour Force Survey to be conducted this month

Department of Statistics Labour Force Survey to be conducted this month

New fully automated questionnaires in place for timely data processing

The Department of Statistics will conduct its annual Labour Force Survey during the month of May. The information obtained will allow the government to obtain essential statistical data about the employment levels and characteristics of the country’s labour force.

The purpose of the Labour Force is to determine how many people are employed, seeking employment and to learn about additional characteristics of the labour force including education level, age, occupation as well as the size and location of the labour force in The Bahamas.

The Labour Force survey is now fully automated, using the Computed Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) tablets. This replaces the previous paper questionnaires, with built in flows and edits. It also eliminates the need for data capture processes afterwards.

Official Enumerators from the Department of Statistics will be wearing highly visible vests and identification badges as they visit selected households on New Providence, Grand Bahama, Abaco, Inagua and The Berry Islands to conduct the survey.  Enumerators will also distribute letters explaining the survey along with a summary sheet that will have data from the May 2018 survey.

All households selected are required by law to respond according to the Statistics Act. When a householder responds, they must provide valuable information about those who are employed, those who are unemployed and those looking for work. They must also provide information on the number of households and household sizes.

If householders have questions, they are asked to please contact the Department of Statistics at 604-4000 or 604-4015.