Deadline looming for public comments on Disney’s controversial cruise port in The Bahamas

Deadline looming for public comments on Disney’s controversial cruise port in The Bahamas
Lighthouse Point, Eleuthera.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — With the deadline approaching for feedback on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of Disney’s controversial Lighthouse Point project, environmentalists are urging the public at large to voice their comments before time runs out.

The long-awaited EIA was released in March.

Public comments are due by May 7, 2021 — this Friday — and must be submitted directly to or via the Disney project’s website.

Stop Disney – Last Chance for Lighthouse Point, a campaign launched by various environmentalists and groups, has repeatedly raised concerns about the project as well as the EIA.

In its most recent statement, it again called Disney’s 550-page document “flawed” and noted: “Big conglomerates like Disney have a corporate and social responsibility to operate in a manner that is sustainable for people and the planet.”

Sam Duncombe, reEarth, added: “It is absolutely crucial to submit comments on this EIA and let both Disney and the government know that it is not good enough.

“Disney needs to withdraw their current draft EIA, conduct supplemental studies and resubmit an updated EIA that includes all of the information necessary to determine the best option for the environment and people of The Bahamas.”

The Stop Disney – Last Chance for Lighthouse Point campaign had garnered more than 445,000 signatures in support up to press time yesterday.

It claimed “several independent experts” raised concerns about the Lighthouse Point, Eleuthera, project, citing comments by Dr Gregory Miller, executive director of the Center for Responsible Travel; Dinah Bear, former general counsel at the US President’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ; Chris Maxey, founder of the Island School in southern Eleuthera; James Lima, an international expert on sustainable development who has worked closely with local groups on Eleuthera; Dr Thomas Goreau, president of the Global Coral Reef Alliance and chief scientist at Blue Regeneration; the Woods Hole Group, an environmental engineering and consulting organization; and Jacob Scherr, former director of Global Advocacy at the Natural Resources Defense Council and senior advisor to the Last Chance campaign.

The Stop Disney campaign again urged Disney to consider alternative plans.

Disney, for its part, has maintained that the project will be environmentally friendly and sustainable.


A project like this is long over due for the benefit of a suffering community of South Eleuthera.With all the concerns of drilling for oil and dredging which has the most negative effects on our waters is none comparable to the positive impact Disney would bring to South Eleuthera and the Bahamas!

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