Davis: ZNS practicing “petty political interference”

Davis: ZNS practicing “petty political interference”

Claims Corporation failed to air his concerns on nat’l issues


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis has indicated that he will rake the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (BCB) over the coals for allegedly failing to air an interview where he discussed a number of national issues.

Davis has cried “political interference,” and intends to make an official complaint with the Utilities Regulation & Competition Authority (URCA).

The opposition leader aired his grievance to media earlier this week during the PLP’s monthly press briefing at the party’s headquarters on Farrington Road.

He provided a vivid recollection of the incident which he has described as “victimization”. It is a move which he said “undermines the credibility of ZNS.”

Davis claimed that a ZNS reporter requested him to conduct a private interview after he had recorded his annual Christmas address on Christmas Eve, 2018.

The opposition leader said he granted the interview with the ZNS reporter and shared his views on a number of national issues, which included his views on “government policy, a number of other policy issues and the future of the PLP.”

Davis said images of the interview and a forecast of its airing were shared widely on multiple social media platforms, but he claimed that the interview never aired.

He indicated that Fred Mitchell, PLP Chairman, uncovered exactly what happened at ZNS which led to the interview being sacked.

“I note that the party Chairman indicated that he had been informed by ZNS reporters that nothing from the Opposition was to be played on ZNS news unless government first had an opportunity to respond and if government did not respond, then they were not to play it,” Davis alleged.

Davis pointed out that the office of the leader of the opposition is a constitutional position and that the BCB is a public corporation owned by Bahamians; therefore, he asserted that “members of the opposition have as much right to access this national communications network as the governing party.”

The opposition cried shame on the Minnis administration for allegedly handing down the instructions which he said is, “petty political interference.”

Davis said he will bring the matter to the attention of URCA who has the responsibility to ensure fairness and balance in media.

The opposition leader gave no indication of when he plans to lodge his complaint.