Davis: We are off the reefs now, SS PLP

Davis: We are off the reefs now, SS PLP

PLP leader calls on PM to resign 

At a crowded Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) headquarters last night, PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis told supporters that the worst is behind the party, and it is now on course to capture the hearts of the electorate and win the general election.

At the special call meeting, Davis said he will lead the PLP to victory and rescue the Bahamian people from the incompetent, uncaring and failed governance that they have been subjected to under the Minnis administration.

“I love my PLP, and I love and appreciate the opportunity and the confidence you have reposed in my leadership to put this organization in [tip top] shape,” Davis said.

“We are off the reefs now.

“SS PLP is off the reef. It’s hull has been repaired. We are out to sea, sailing to victory and as we sail to victory let us continue to ensure we encounter no storms. And so, PLPs the worst is behind us. We can’t turn back now. As you can see, the most personal, malicious, nasty, and violent attacks on my… character are all proof — what is it proof of — that dogs do not park at parked cars.”

Insisting victory was in sight, Davis added, “Let us be brave and ride on the wave.”

Davis said the Free National Movement (FNM) has failed; failed to prevent corruption, failed to keep the power on, and overall failed the people it promised to empower and serve.

He said the country “needs us now”.

The PLP leader said the prime minister and his Cabinet appear to believe the rules to not apply to them.

He referenced the controversial Oban Energies deal for a multi-billionaire dollar oil refinery project in East Grand Bahama, and the ongoing saga involving former Cbainet minister Brent Symonette and the Town Central Mall lease for the General Post Office.

The government tabled a resolution on October 17, 2018, to lease the space in the Town Centre Mall for the relocation of the General Post Office. It was passed on October 24.

Symonette and his brother own Town Centre Mall.

Despite Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has insisted that Symonette was not involved in any discussions on the government decision to lease the space for the General Post Office, Symonette recently revealed that he and the prime minister discussed the lease agreement while he was still a member of Cabinet.

Symonette made the revelation on ZNS’ “The Conversation” with host Shenique Miller.

He admitted that while he was in Mexico the prime minister called him and discussed the “parameters” of the deal, including the terms of the lease.

During the show and in several subsequent interviews, Symonette has insisted procedure was followed.

The resolution to not make reference to conversation between Symonette and the prime minister.

Last night, Davis said, “The rules don’t apply to them. A prime minister with a conscious would resign. A prime minister who understood the conventions of the minister and the principles of good governance would resign. A man of honour would resign. Most Honorable prime minister, you need to resign.

The statement received wide applause from PLPs.

“His plan is to wait it out and hope we forget. Are you going to you going to forget about… this?

He asked, “Does it feel like the people’s time to you?”


 He said the PLP’s work is critically important today, and assured that the party is busy recruiting great talent who are ready to serve.

The PLP will hold its convention at the Melia Nassau Beach on West Bay Street on July 25-26.

It remains to be seen if there will be a leadership challenge.

Former Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe has expressed an interest in throwing his name in the hat for the chairmanship race.

He ran for chairman during the October 2017 convention, but was comfortably defeated by Senator Fred Mitchell.

As Davis closed last night, the PLP leader swayed in sync with the crowd to the song ‘Lean on me’ by Bill Withers.

He was joined on stage by senior PLPs, including Mitchell.