Davis slams PM’s nat’l address

Davis slams PM’s nat’l address
Leader of the Opposition, Philip Davis.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – On the heels of prime minister Dr. Hubert Minnis making his second national address to the nation on Monday night, Opposition leader Philip Brave Davis said the address was just a regurgitation of what the public already knows.

“He covered no new ground,” Davis told Eyewitness News Online Tuesday. “He ought to be describing himself as a reaper of things that was sewn by others.”

According to Davis, much of the ‘good’ news addressed by the prime minister in his address on Monday night are only seeds that were sown by PLP.

He also claimed that the nation’s chief is in denial.

“He’s living in la la land,” Davis said about the prime minister’s address.

“For example, the state of the economy as it is today, is primarily a result of the opening of Baha Mar, but although we know he is not managing the economy well, we thank God for Baha Mar.

“Crime statistics are down, yes, but any criminologist will tell you that the success of initiatives in any area are usually realized several years after initiatives have taken place, so they are reaping the benefits from the Progressive Liberal Party.”

The PLP leader said he also wanted to remind the prime minister that even though the statistics on crime is trending downwards, the fear of crime still remains.

Davis also commented on the prime minister’s announcement that the government will establish a culture fund to the tune of $1 million, in order to promote the arts and cultural development in The Bahamas.

Davis said while he welcomes this million-dollar donation, it may not be enough. He also claimed that the donation contradicts the government’s efforts to support previous cultural events.

Meanwhile, a statement released by PLP chairman Senator Fred Mitchell expressed on Tuesday that its supporters were ‘underwhelmed’ as the address broke no new ground and gave no new information.

“With regard to education, the prime minister rehashed the same tired promises and deceits on education that we have heard before,” outlined a statement released from PLP chairman Senator Fred Mitchell.

“Nothing  that was said on that subject was new and nothing that the PLP had not agreed to do before losing office in 2017.”

The  PLP said the air time could have been better used if the prime minister told the Bahamian people how to put money back into the economy and get people back to work.

“His address was a useless exercise in self-praise,” the PLP said.

“The Prime Minister should have told us that he had dismissed Dr. Duane Sands and  Marvin Dames who are two MPs and Ministers condemned by a judicial authority for their conduct in the Frank Smith case.  They must resign or be dismissed.”