‘Minnis is finish’, PLP launches election campaign

‘Minnis is finish’, PLP launches election campaign
Philip Davis, Opposition Leader (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis told PLP supporters last night that Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is “finish” as he launched the party’s 2022 election campaign at Columbus Primary.

“They’re arrogant and they’re ignorant,” said Davis.

“And every day their ignorance costs the Bahamian people.

“The Grand Lucayan, that’s cost us more than $100 million so far, and the bill keeps getting bigger.

“That’s the danger when the guy at the top is someone who isn’t qualified to represent our country at a negotiating table. It’s too easy for the Oban’s and the Symonette’s of this world to swing him.

“He’s so unprepared and unprincipled, even his own Cabinet had lost confidence in him.

“Sure, they say one thing to the cameras, but behind the scenes, many of them are barely on speaking terms with their own prime minister.

“That’s what I’m hearing and it wouldn’t surprise me.

“Remember last time how Minnis divided his own party; how senior FNM warned he couldn’t be trusted. And they were right.”

In December 2016, seven FNM MPs wrote to then Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling and expressed a vote of no confidence in Minnis as leader of the Official Opposition, electing then Long Island MP as opposition leader.

Earlier that year, six of the MPs threatened to oust Minnis, but the move was prevented when the FNM agreed to an early convention, which Minnis emerged from victorious.

In a letter to the FNM’s Central Council in May 2016, the MPs in question said the electorate saw the FNM as “no less corrupt, no more trustworthy, and no less self-interested as our Progressive Liberal Party and Democratic National Alliance counterparts”, as a direct result of “our leader’s recent missteps”.


Last night, Davis a PLP government will fight for the people.

He said the party has worked hard to reform and reinvigorate itself.

As a result, many outstanding Bahamians desire to step forward on the PLP’s ticket to represent the people in Parliament, Davis said.

“So in the upcoming election, Bahamians will face a choice; a choice between a PLP that promotes the public interest or an FNM that promotes special interests,” the PLP leader said.

“A choice between a united, reinvigorated PLP or a divided and demoralized FNM.

“A choice between a PLP party that believes in the dignity of every Bahamian or an FNM party that treats you with arrogance and contempt.

“The FNM has nothing to offer but their own desire to stay in power. Nearly three years in [and] we can all see for ourselves: Minnis isn’t pro-people or pro-worker or pro-Bahamian. He’s just pro-Minnis.”

He’s not suddenly going to change; he won’t suddenly become honest or competent or unifying or transparent or able to stand up to special interests.  He is who he is.

Davis added while he did not attend medical school he was confident of Minnis’ diagnosis, calling him “deceptive and misleading, full of misinformation and disinformation”.

He said: “It was never going to be the people’s time.

“The result of nearly three years of Minnis and the FNM has been good deals for the special interest and the well-connected; bad deals and cheap gimmicks for everyone else.

He said despite the FNM’s many promises, there continue to be a lack of support for the young, athletes or poor, and no relief from the high taxes and high electricity bills.

He asserted there is a complete lack of vision and a failure to plan or be innovative.

Davis, who noted he grew up on Rolle Avenue, said he had no silver spoon.

He said he had to work and live among the people in the inner-city communities, which he knows well and can speak to having known what it’s like to have “one good pants and busted shoes”.

The PLP leader added: “I want all Bahamians to live lives of dignity and purpose, not just the ones born to wealth or privilege. I will not let you down. I ‘gat’ your back.”