Davis: “I support spy bill” in wake of revisions

Davis: “I support spy bill” in wake of revisions
Leader of the Opposition Philip Brave Davis.

Opposition leader Philip Brave Davis said this week that he supports the revised version of the newly implemented Interception of Communications Bill (ICB) 2017, otherwise thought to be a Spy bill, now that the politics are out of the way.

Members of Parliament (MPs) on Wednesday afternoon, passed the bill.

However, Davis’ approval of the controversial bill was not met without some concerns expressed by opposition members, as there were notable changes to the bill before it was passed.

“It was something that was necessary,” said Davis.

“Our Listening Devices Act was the tool they were using. It didn’t, in any way, apply to today’s technology.”

In a brief interview with Eyewitness News, Davis said outright that the revisions has caused him to support the bill.

Among the concerns her raised is the inclusion of a yet-to-be passed legislation for a National Intelligence Agency (NIA).

Davis, who once stressed to the current administration that the bill would allow for personal use in political gain, defended the government’s decision in keeping the ICB, and noted that there would be no provisions in the bill for personal agendas.

“This bill provides for accountability, transparency and a paper trail,” he said.

“There are absolutely no provisions in this bill for personal agendas. One cannot act outside of the law to go after political adversaries, spouses, sweethearts, or anyone else as a matter of fact, without there being consequences.

“If the description of spying was ever applicable, it was for what the previous administration tabled.”