Davis: EY report “sordid, libelous and misleading”

Davis: EY report “sordid, libelous and misleading”
Leader of the Opposition, Phillip Brave Davis.

Opposition leader Philip Brave Davis told Parliament yesterday that the damning Ernst and Young (EY) audit report of the Water and Sewerage Cooperation (W&SC) was sordid, libelous and misleading.

It was revealed last week that a secretary in the law firm of the former deputy prime minister and minister of works, owned part of the company, which was awarded an $9 million contract by government.

Davis explained that it was customary, according to corporate law, for there to be five share holder members incorporated. One of which, he said, would traditionally be an employee of the law firm.

He recommended that government, moving forward, change the requirement to allow one person to be used instead of five, to avoid “one’s name being sullied.”

The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) leader also took exception to the auditors use of his mother’s obituary in its attempt to make the connection between him and the secretary in question.

He concluded that the report was the latest in a series of personal attacks by government.