Davis confident he will lead PLP to election 2022

Davis confident he will lead PLP to election 2022

Convention date still up in the air


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Leader of the opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Philip Brave Davis remains confident that, despite rumours which suggest that there is bad blood brewing among senior PLP’s, he will lead the party into the next general election.

Davis confirmed as much to media on Monday.

He also addressed the rumours of political pundits who have suggested that senior PLP’s were working in secrecy to oust him at the upcoming convention.

Davis stressed that there are no problems brewing within the party and the party has been working together as it prepares to return to governance when the next general election is called.

Englerston member of parliament, Glennys Hanna-Martin also reportedly went on record in a local daily on Monday to confirm that she would not seek to run for the leadership of the party at the upcoming convention.

Hanna-Martin reportedly asserted that the party is more concerned about joining forces to become a stronger unit, and Davis confirmed the same to Eyewitness News on Monday.

“I think we have regained steam,” Davis opined.

“The question is just, ‘how fast along is the steam carrying us?’

“I think I am satisfied with the pace that we are moving at.”

The PLP was set to host its convention in November 2018, but the sudden death of the party’s former chairman emeritus, Bradley Roberts, forced the party to push the convention to Spring 2019.

At that time, PLP chairman Fred Mitchell told Eyewitness News Online that the convention would be held in May 2019.

However, Davis confirmed Monday that a date in May is quite unlikely.

While the new convention date remains up in the air, Davis said he is not opposed to potential candidates gunning for his seat.

“Well, you know I do not discourage ambition at all,” he said.

“There will be the opportunity to challenge, but like I said, I do not challenge ambition.”

The party has made it known that it will be running new candidates in the 2022 general election, but those new faces are set run side-by-side with a number of familiar faces.

Leslie Miller, former Tall Pines member of parliament confirmed to media last week that he intends to be a candidate for that constituency in 2022.

Miller asserted that a little over one dozen former PLP candidates will run again.