Davis challenges PM to back up his claims

Davis challenges PM to back up his claims

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Opposition leader Philip Brave Davis on Wednesday took issue with a number of claims that were levied against the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, during a town meeting on Tuesday night at the C.V. Bethel Senior High School.

While at that town meeting, the prime minister claimed that a number of foreign investors did not want to advance any projects under the Perry Christie-led PLP administration because they could not be trusted.

Minnis claimed that investors said that they were unwilling to “grease the hands of certain PLP muckamucks.”

Yesterday, Davis was quick to respond to Minnis’ claims, noting that the prime minister did not name those ‘potential investors’ who had made such a claim, nor did he name the person or persons who were allegedly paid.

“Name the investor that claims he was shaken down by the PLP and have that investor identify in the PLP [who] has been shaking him down,” Davis said.

The PLP leader said all of the major investments that have occurred in The Bahamas over the last 20-odd years were inspired by the Progressive Liberal Party.

“Let the FNM government name one that they did… except for maybe Atlantis,” Davis said.

The opposition leader told Eyewitness News Online that the government must discontinue their “blame-storming” and begin “brainstorming” to determine how they are going to address the challenges of Bahamians.

Davis said that while he has been hearing a lot of talk of persons in the FNM government being ‘shaken down’, he refuses to spread propaganda for cheap political gain, chalking up the prime minister’s as such.

While Davis did not outright deny the claims, he said that the governing party needs to “stop campaigning and get to governing.”