Davis calls Water and Sewage disconnections ‘cruel’ and ‘deliberate’

Davis calls Water and Sewage disconnections ‘cruel’ and ‘deliberate’
Leader of the Opposition, Philip Davis.

The decision to cut the water supply of persons owing the Water and Sewage Corporation is not only “cruel” but the timing of the decision proves to be “deliberate,” said Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis on Friday.

“There is a big event in the South and Central Eleuthera constituency this weekend, so the Corporation chooses at a time when people are out preparing to make monies as vendors and are away from home to disconnect the water,” Davis said.

“They also know that there is a public holiday on Monday. While they have announced that the corporation will be open until 9:00 p.m.tonight [Friday], they require $35 dollars in addition to the bill being paid to reconnect the water. I have made the point before; people must pay their bills but there is a special cruelty which is involved in today’s process.”

In a press statement released Friday, Davis pleaded for leaders to show more empathy for Bahamians as these times, more than ever, are ‘trying’, he said. “They are clearly and deliberately making it difficult for people to keep their water supply. This government obviously doesn’t know how tough the times are.”

Chairman of the Water and Sewage Corporation, Adrian Gibson, up to post time on Friday could not be reached for comment.