Data demand drives Aliv’s 50 percent capacity boost

Data demand drives Aliv’s 50 percent capacity boost
Damian Blackburn

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Aliv’s top executive said the company has now added 50 percent more capacity to its data network, with demand for data increasing 35 percent over pre-pandemic levels.

Damian Blackburn, Aliv’s chief executive officer, told Eyewitness News, “We have seen demand for data up 35 percent from what it was before COVID. It does not mean that we are getting any additional revenue, however.”

Blackburn noted that with the pandemic resulting in many people working from home as well as students schooling from home, there is greater demand for data on the network.

“A lot of demand on the network is coming from MiFis. We have got a lot of demand on that which is offset by lower data demand for certain other plans. The MiFi plan is suited mainly for home usage and obviously, due to the pandemic, a lot more people are working from home.”

According to Blackburn, the company will be carrying out capacity upgrades ahead of the Christmas holidays. “Just before Christmas, we will be doing quite a bit of capacity upgrades. We are doing capacity upgrades in a number of places. One of those places is Abaco,” he said.