Darville to Sands: “No need to create panic”

Darville to Sands: “No need to create panic”
Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Michael Darville

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Health minister Dr Michael Darville yesterday cautioned “there is no need to create panic” as he responded to claims leveled by former Health minister Dr Duane Sands, who alleged an upsurge in respiratory illness cases.

In an audio clip, Sands accused the government of being silent about a severe viral illness that has caused an overflow in emergency rooms, clinics, and doctor’s offices within the country.

In his analysis, Sands stated that the illness can leave patients debilitated and left with chronic symptoms that last for weeks.

He also claimed that because of the surge, pharmaceutical medication has been reduced off the shelves of stores.

“Over-the-counter and prescription medication like Tylenol, Panadol, cough medicines, Ventolin, and other drugs are dwindling and in some instances are completely out of stock across The Bahamas,” Sands said.

The former Health minister demanded an update from the government and voiced his disappointment with the handling of the alleged viral respiratory pandemic asserting that there have been no prevention methods or accurate information given to the public.

Yesterday, Darville responded to Sands’s allegations with a surveillance report stating “there is no need to create panic.”

During his briefing, the minister said: “Our numbers for respiratory tract infection and gastrointestinal infections at this particular time is below the normal value.”

The minister described Sands’s actions as inappropriate if the former health minister knew of a crisis and decided to voice his concerns through social media instead of the ministry.

“He needs to bring it to my attention rather than create a great panic in the community,” Darville said.

According to the minister, the surveillance indicated that every year around this time a spike in upper respiratory tract infections and gastrointestinal cases occurs.

However, he said that the rise is partially due to the mask mandate during the Covid pandemic.

Darville noted that the ministry of health is watching the situation very closely and assured the public that at this time there is no reason to fear another pandemic.


What do they expect when they locked people in their homes and gave them shots to destroy their immune systems?

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