Dames to criminals: ‘There is no hiding place’

Minister of National Security, Marvin Dames.

The weekend shootings in the Pinewood constituency are getting the attention of the government as retaliation appeared to be the cause for both incidents.

National Security Minister, Marvin Dames, told Eyewitness News that although police have several persons in custody, the government is looking at dealing with the larger issue he says stems from within troubled communities.

“We are not going to legislate our way out of it,” said Dames. “While I think the penalties could be stiffer, responsible people have to stand up and say, ‘we are not going to tolerate this’. ‘We are going to take our communities back.”

Dames added that officers have been mandated to be relentless in their pursuit to stomp out crime and the reduction in serious crime over the past few months is evidence that this approach is working.

“I’m happy to say that we have signs of progress,” said a confident Dames. “People won’t get away with this. Just as the matter took place over the weekend, there is no hiding place.  We will pursue you wherever you are. That is a promise. If you’re selling poison to young children and thinking that you decide who lives or dies – there is no hiding place.”