Dames: “Come on, I don’t talk nonsense”

Dames: “Come on, I don’t talk nonsense”

Minister does not deny or confirm if he was armed during McAlpine exchange


NASSAU, BAHAMAS –  “Come on, I don’t talk nonsense,” is how Minister of National Security Marvin Dames responded on Monday, in response to the Progressive Liberal Party’s query of whether he was armed during an exchange in the House of Assembly last week with Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine.

Yesterday, Dames did not confirm or deny if he was armed.

“Come on, I don’t talk nonsense,” Dames told the media.

“Listen, we have to raise the level of debate in our country. My reputation is out there for all to see. I’ve been doing this for three decades. I can go anywhere in the world and people know who I am.

“And I challenge anyone and all of those who are making these allegations and these ridiculous comments that we continue to follow-up on, let’s go together and let’s see who will remain standing.

“I don’t have time for nonsense,” Dames reiterated.

“I have been the deputy commissioner of police in this country. I’ve had high office in law enforcement for decades and have you ever heard anything negative about me? Have you? Okay.”

Last week, Dames told the media in response to last week’s exchange with McAlpine, “I made my point and left the floor and went to the restroom and when I was done, I walked out, came back upstairs and answered questions from the press.”

He also shot down claims that his colleague, Ellsworth Johnson, had to drag him to the men’s room so that he could regain his composure.

But on Sunday, the PLP said ‘the truth is clear’ and alleged that Dames ‘lost control’ during his encounter with McAlpine.

“We call specifically today for Mr. Dames or the Prime Minister to say whether or not Mr. Dames was armed in the House of Assembly on the day of his outburst.  Did he have a gun on him” the PLP queried, adding that his denial of the incident itself is worrying, given that not only MPs but the press witnessed and reported what had happened.

“Mr. Dames has a serious problem,” the PLP said.


This article was written by Matthew Moxey – Eyewitness News Online Intern