DAILY KILLINGS: Five dead in three days; FNM raises alarm on recent bloodshed

DAILY KILLINGS: Five dead in three days; FNM raises alarm on recent bloodshed

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Free National Movement (FNM) has called the recent spate of murders on New Providence alarming, alleging that the country had begun to see a “downturn” in murders under the former FNM administration. 

There have been four fatal shootings and one fatal stabbing in the capital since Saturday, taking the murder count for the year to 20, according to Eyewitness News records.

“Amidst the global pandemic and ensuing economic hardship, we have experienced our share of challenges, which we can ill afford to have compounded with a spike in murder cases,” the FNM said in a statement. 


The urgency of this moment calls for a comprehensive plan in the fight against crime from the government.



“An increase in crime in our society threatens the safety and security of the Bahamian people and ultimately does not bode well in our overall standing as a country.

“The urgency of this moment calls for a comprehensive plan in the fight against crime from the government. The time calls for it now.”

Police reported that a man was shot shortly after 2am on Saturday on Mildred Avenue, west of Golden Isles Road. The man was taken to the Carmichael Police Station, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Later that night, a triple shooting on Center Drive, Millar’s Heights, off Carmichael Road, left one man dead, another in critical condition in hospital and a woman injured.

On Sunday, police responded to reports of an altercation involving a group of people in the West End community that led to a man being shot in the upper thigh and later succumbing to his injuries.

Police also reported the stabbing death of a man on Fritz Lane shortly before 8pm on Sunday.

Around 2pm on Monday, police reported the shooting death of a man on Fifth Street, Coconut Grove.

The latest incident was the shooting of a woman who was the passenger in a car driving along Golden Isles Road before 10pm on Monday. 

The woman, who was driven to the Carmichael Police Station, was taken to hospital in critical condition and her condition remains unknown at this time.

The FNM noted in its statement that it will work with the government “with a view to returning to seeing a downturn in the number of murders as in recent times under the Free National Movement administration”.

“We must intensify our efforts at every level so as to protect the Bahamian people and ensure a peaceful Bahamian society,” it added.

“We dare not turn a blind eye to this issue.”

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Two years of lockdowns, curfews, restrictions, no jobs, no school, no money, no healthcare, no stress relief, no workouts, no celebrations, no church, etc etc etc and the FNM wants to know why people are more feral than usual????

You know something, we need to stop being arrogant.
Down turn in murders, people more feral than usual?

Help make suggestions for the better for all Bahamian’s.
Stop Sleeping!!!

And the saddest thing is with the majority of the pandemic and curfews happening under the fnm administration, there were no shortages of murder being committed. Again the saddest component is the fact the curfew was in effect for 10:00p.m. throughout. I’m neither one party or the next I’m for the black people of the Bahamas and I hate how ignorant and immature almost all facets of our government is continuously proving themselves to be. This is nothing to say about murder being down during so and so’s time in office more so than pettiness and some of tit for tat politics these guys have become legendary for. The pot can never call the kettle black when it comes to Bahamian politics.

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