Cyclist killed in hit-and-run accident

Cyclist killed in hit-and-run accident
Investigators at the scene of a traffic fatality on Coral Harbour Road.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Police are investigating a hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of a man believed to be in his late 60s early this morning.

Assistant Superintendent Audley Peters said the traffic accident took place at Coral Harbor Road north shortly after 7am.

The man’s body was found lying on the ground with injuries alongside a bicycle.

Peters said Emergency Medical Services pronounced the body lifeless.

An initial investigation determined the victim was riding the bicycle when he was hit from behind by a vehicle that left the scene.

Peters said the man had facial injuries, and appeared to be between 65 and 75-years-old.

He appealed for anyone with information concerning the incident to call the traffic station.

Peters added: “We also want to advise persons traversing the road on cycles whether it be in the night or day to kindly wear reflective gear on their person or put the relevant apparatus on their cycles so that they may be identified in the day as well as the night.”


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