Customer demands accountability from motor company

Customer demands accountability from motor company

Anton Newbold who purchased a brand new 2016 truck from Friendly Ford two years ago said since then, he has been experiencing mechanical problems, which he blames the company for and is asking for it to replace or compensate him for the problems he’s had to fix.

“I was looking for my dream truck after retirement and finally settled on the truck that I bought from Friendly Ford,” Newbold said.

“After I had the truck for one month, I began experiencing problems with the door… I took it back to them they gave me some reasoning that seemed to make sense but since then the truck has been in and out of servicing.”

Newbold said he has dealt with the issues for two years and after repeated discussions with company officials, he claimed no amicable resolution has come about.

“After spending $52,000 for the truck and having to pay over $1,000 per month to the lender, I simply want out of this vehicle,” he said.

Eyewitness News attempted to reach executives at Ford however, without speaking to the matter directly, they said that they attempt to meet the needs of all of their customers and try to resolve any complaint amicably.

Newbold said however that he believes if he were of a different class, the matter would have played out differently.

“I don’t think its race; I think it’s just business where people are exploited based on their knowledge of what may be available to them,” he said,

“I would have loved to be a resident of our western district. If I was, I think I might have been driving around in a different vehicle.”