Cruise ship bans passenger who jumped from 11th floor while docked in Nassau Harbour

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A 27-year-old male has been permanently banned from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines after he jumped from the 11th floor of the Symphony of the Seas.

A video of the incident went viral on social media last week. The 20-second clip shows Nick Naydev plunging into the ocean while the ship was docked at the Nassau Harbour.

According to a statement Naydev gave to Fox News, he was unable to walk for three days after injuring his neck and tailbone because of the forceful impact when he dove into the water.

A statement released by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines outlined that it was “stupid and reckless behaviour and he and his companions have been banned from ever sailing with us again.”

The statement said the cruise liner is also exploring legal action.

Eyewitness News Online understands that the cruise passenger was allegedly intoxicated as he indicated in a comment on the viral video that he was “still drunk from the previous night” when he jumped into the ocean.

A small vessel retrieved Naydev following the jump and escorted him back to shore.

Local authorities were called but no charges have been filed against him.

Soon after the incident occurred, Naydev and his friends were reportedly asked to leave the cruise ship, leaving them to independently find another means of transportation to complete their voyage.


This article was written by Matthew Moxey – Eyewitness News Online Intern