OPINION: Cruise companies have no interest in seeing Bay Street thrive

OPINION: Cruise companies have no interest in seeing Bay Street thrive
A rendering of the proposed Ocean Cay development. (PHOTO: CRUISEADVICE.COM)
Dear editor,
It is nonsense for the government to even consider letting one of the cruise ship companies manage the Port of Nassau. These companies have no interest in seeing Bay Street thrive.
Right now, they are allowed to dock in Nassau Harbor and keep their shops and restaurants open all day and night. They are making a killing while in our port and the last thing they want is to see a revitalized Down-Town Nassau that is taking customers off of their ships to shop, eat and enjoy themselves onshore.
The cruise ship companies complain that Nassau is one of the worst ports in the Caribbean. If that is true, their own actions played a great part in making it that way. The government should view with extreme suspicion any helping hand from these entities.
The cruise ships are businesses and they are in it to make money. Nothing wrong with that, but we Bahamians, on the other hand, have to live here and want to see downtown flourish and our fellow countrymen who work and live there prosper. Government beware! Your people and these companies do not have the same interests at heart!
Ricardo Johnson
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The cruise ship model of tourism is parasitic in nature and must be changed. Allowing more cruise ports, particularly private ones, is the definition of ignorance or insanity. PM Minnis: Can you now choose to be the leader your country needs? Or will you bend like a willow in the wind to foreign corporate interests? You can still stop the Lighthouse Point development of Disney’s.

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