Crown to drop Shane Gibson extortion charges

Crown to drop Shane Gibson extortion charges

The legal counsel representing former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Cabinet Minister Shane Gibson, in his extortion and bribery case said yesterday, that he anticipates some of the charges being dropped.

This follows the Crown’s recently discovered intent to dismiss all 15 counts of extortion against Gibson.

Noted Attorney Wayne Munroe, QC, confirmed to Eyewitness News Tuesday, that a case management was held on March 29 with Crown’s counsel Terry Archer, to take such action when the case resumes on May 4.

Gibson was initially charged with 15 counts of bribery, 15 counts of extortion, two counts of conspiracy to commit bribery and one count of misconduct in public office.

It is alleged that the Cabinet minister bribed and extorted more than $8 million from Contractor Johnathan Ashe, for clean-up efforts following hurricane Matthew.

Munroe said another case management has been scheduled to determine if the remaining charges will be removed or reduced.

“We maintain that they have to give us particulars on what date this alleged bribery happened,” Munroe said.

According to Munroe, the time frame for the alleged actions, are unreasonable as they give no specific dates or times.

“They can’t just give us sometime in 110 days,” he said.

“…He (Gibson) has no way to defend himself to state where he was and at what time. There are also no records… we also asked them for pieces of material including the bank records of Mr. Ashe, who claims that he was bribed.”

Munroe said he and his client remain hopeful that the remaining charges will also be dropped.

He claimed that the present administration has attempted to “darken” the name of Bahamians and maintained that the charges against Gibson seem to be without merit.

“If you say you gave a man $50,000, and you can’t say on record on what day you gave him that money – especially when you say you took the money out the bank – how does that make sense?” Munroe questioned.

“We said from the beginning and we have been very open about it, give us a day in question and, so far, they have been unable to.”