Coworkers disheartened by negative profiling of murdered teen

Coworkers disheartened by negative profiling of murdered teen

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — “It hurts my heart when people make her out to be some gangster,” said the assistant manager of a Burger King where 18-year-old Harrinique McPhee worked before she was gunned down over the weekend.

According to police, McPhee was in a Nissan March with a 22-year-old man when they were approached by three men armed with high-powered weapons in the Kemp Road area on Saturday, Feburary 4.

The men opened fire on McPhee and the other man, shooting them multiple times shortly after 1am.

Assistant manager Sarah-Jane Butterfield told Eyewitness News that the negative images and news circling on social media is saddening for her and those members of Burger King on Village Road who knew McPhee.

The recent C.R. High graduate was about to receive the Employee of the Year award, along with the award for most well-rounded.

“I wanted to tell her so bad that night [Saturday], but decided to wait until the employee’s meeting,” she said.

However, Butterfield said the night before the meeting McPhee was reportedly ambushed and killed.

Butterfield described the eighteen-year-old as a reliable and upbeat person.

“She was a good team player; she was a gem. She wanted something out of life and made an impression on everyone here,” Butterfield said.

According to the assistant manager, McPhee aspired to be a lifeguard at Atlantis and was making advances to achieve that goal.

While at the company, McPhee became a person of excellence and always found ways to better the experience for customers and her colleagues.

According to Butterfield, if McPhee saw a coworker struggling with a task, she would assist without complaint.

McPhee started working at Burger King on Village Road six months ago and easily became noticed by her peers and employers as someone who was dedicated and determined to excel.

“I remember one day she started singing and it was so contagious that everyone tagged along with her,” Butterfield said.

Two days after the shooting, Christlyn Skippings, the police press liaison, said that the police department is following “significant leads.”

Skippings told Eyewitness News that the police are working diligently to bring the case to a close.