DEADLY SERIOUS: Opposition Leader slams govt. mitigation efforts

DEADLY SERIOUS: Opposition Leader slams govt. mitigation efforts
Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip Brave Davis (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Two Cat Island residents who tested positive for coronavirus yesterday reportedly have a travel history from Grand Bahama, according to Opposition leader and island MP Philip Brave Davis.

Davis made the revelation in a statement slamming the government’s mitigation efforts as Grand Bahama sees a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Health officials confirmed 20 new cases of the virus late last night, and among them, the first set of cases on Cat Island.

There were also 10 new cases in Grand Bahama, six in New Providence and two in Bimini.

In an earlier statement, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) leader once again called out the prime minister for failing to answer pressing questions surrounding the government’s decision to reopen the borders on July 1.

“I think we know from past experience that the prime minister’s likely response to this will be to attack me, make up some lies about my position,” he said.

“Listen, I really don’t give a damn what he says about me, as long as he starts answering questions. I cannot tell you how concerned I am for our country. This is deadly serious.”

According to Davis, the Cat Island patients, who live in the same household, exhibited symptoms while on the island and were transported to New Providence over the weekend for testing.

He said he is “very concerned” and “very angry” about the new cases and wants answers.

“There has been, as usual, a lot of traffic between Grand Bahama and other islands over the last several weeks,” Davis said.

“This is why two individuals have tested positive in Cat Island; they traveled from Freeport.

“What can the government tell us about where the virus is spreading right now in our country?”

“It has become clear that when this government opened the borders, they were not prepared to do so safely,” Davis continued.

“Everyone understands how vital it is that we have visitors coming in.

“We are facing not just a health crisis but an economic crisis as well.

“The ability to both have borders open while still keeping the virus contained is imperative for Bahamians whose jobs are linked to tourism, for our reputation as a safe destination, and for our ability to have visitors continue to arrive in the coming months, before a vaccine is available.”

Davis insisted that the risks taken by the government to reopen the borders were predictable, especially during a time when cases were spiking in the United States.

“It was the government’s job to take every precaution possible to reduce those risks,” he said.

“But the government’s policies were full of loopholes and they simply were not ready at the borders.

“The government would like to blame Bahamians for the mess we see today.

“But they need to take responsibility and clean up their act, quickly.”

As of yesterday, there were 194 cases of COVID-19 in the country.


Why we can’t put away “The Political Parties” and just focus on making a better way and life for “us” Bahamians? I mean it just looks horrible that everyone in the HOA pointing fingers instead of coming together and trying to find a solution to this chaos 😒.

I agree. We have to stop the blame game and work together to combat this dilemma in our country in a positive way.
That’s my 5 cents

As we have all heard for the past 3-4 months, this COVID 19 pandemic is unprecedented, hence the government is just trying taking the advice from the medical authorities as well as looking at best practices, and what seem to be working in other nations. This is CERTAINLY NOT the time for playing politics and blaming each other, this IS the time to be mature and to work TOGETHER FNM, PLP, DNA, TOGETHER!!!
Opposition, if you have a plan or some concrete advice then please SHARE IT, If the only thing that you could do is complain, criticize, and cry ( THE 3C’s ) then please be quiet. Thanks

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