COVID-19 relief: RBC announces three-month payment deferral

COVID-19 relief: RBC announces three-month payment deferral

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) yesterday announced a three month payment deferral on credit facilities for its personal banking clients in the Caribbean impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The bank announced yesterday that effectively immediately, “most RBC Personal banking clients in the Caribbean will benefit from an automatic three-month payment deferral on credit facilities”.

The statement continued: “Business and Corporate banking clients are also eligible for the relief program, following individual eligibility assessments with an RBC representative. Automatic payment deferrals will be applied as of March 17, 2020 and remain in effect until June 30, 2020, or until further advised.”

To be eligible for the program, personal banking or Business and Corporate banking client accounts must be current and in good standing as of March 2, 2020. Clients who are already participating in RBC relief programs for other circumstances are excluded from this program.

“The relief program is intended to provide flexible solutions and help clients manage through the impacts of COVID-19, such as pay disruption; childcare disruption due to school closures; or dealing with the COVID-19 illness itself.

“These measures are an important first step and underscore the resilience of the financial system and the critical role banks play in the economy. RBC will continue to monitor COVID-19 and the evolving economic conditions in each country and territory where the bank operates. RBC may consider other relief measures, if necessary,” RBC said.

RBC has a presence in 17 countries and territories, with 52 branches and over 3,000 employees serving more than one million clients.


What about Credit cards that expire for those overseas that can’t get to their branch? Are they going to extend the expiration dates?

So it means that i dont have to stress over my mortage payment or credit card payment for the next three months. Thats why I always reccommend RBC for banking.

I have checked my accounts and the next payment dates remains the same. If I check tomorrow would I see June 30th as next payment date since it was announce as of March 17th. Thank you.

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