COVID-19 cases in The Bahamas top 3,000

COVID-19 cases in The Bahamas top 3,000

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Bahamas has recorded more than 3,000 cases of COVID-19.

This represents an increase of over 2,000 cases in the last month.

There were 1,036 total cases in The Bahamas as of August 12.

The Ministry of Health reported an additional 34 infections on Monday, bringing the total cases to 3,008.

Of the new cases, there were 23 in New Providence, three in Grand Bahama, three in Eleuthera, two in Long Island, one in Abaco, one in Exuma, and one in Inagua.

An additional COVID-19-related death was also recorded.

According to health officials, a 72-year-old woman of New Providence died on September 14.

Sixty-eight people have died from the virus.

Ten deaths remain under investigation.

Hospitalizations declined from 72 on Sunday to 66.

An additional 47 cases have recovered from the virus.

Recovered cases now stand at 1,391.

Active cases represent just over half of the total cases at 1,531.

A total of 15,418 tests have been performed.

These include tests conducted by private facilities.

According to Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Pearl McMillan approximately 14,000 people have been tested of the total tests performed.

Of the total cases, New Providence leads with 2,036 cases — 25 times more cases that New Providence recorded in the first wave, which spanned from mid-March to the end of June.

Grand Bahama follows with 600, though the island has recorded single-digit cases over the last week.

There have been 101 cases in Abaco, 54 in Bimini, 15 in the Berry Islands, eight in Cat Island, 25 in Exuma, 18 in Inagua, 15 in Eluethera, seven in Acklins, three in Andros, five in Crooked Island, 10 in Long Island, three in Mayaguana and 108 cases with “locations pending”.

Bimini has not recorded an additional case in over two weeks.

According to data represented by the Ministry of Health, the majority of cases have been among those aged 20 through 39 and 40 through 59 — 1,236 and 1,056 respectively.

With the exception of cases between zero and 19, men have a marginally higher infection rate than their counterparts.

Among the 1,236 cases in the age bracket 20 through 39, 616 were women, compared to the 620 men.

Similarly, among 1,056 cases in the age group 40 through 59, 528 were women and 582 were men.

This trend was also observed among those between 60 and 79 and above 80.

However, more women were infected among cases between the age of zero and 19 — 73 girls compared to 57 boys.

COVID-19-related deaths overall were also more prevalent among men — 36 compared to 22.

There have been more than 29.1 million COVID-19 cases globally and over 926,000 deaths.

A reported 19 million cases have recovered.