Couple alleges incorrect blood transfusion led to death of baby

Couple alleges incorrect blood transfusion led to death of baby

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Madeen Bullard delivered Joshua, a bouncing baby boy at the Princess Margaret Hospital in December 2015.

Prior to his birth, she had to undergo a blood transfusion but was allegedly given the wrong blood type by staff at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Bullard strongly believes that the transfusion contributed to the death of her son two years later.

Following the birth of their child, Bullard’s reported that they spent every day at the hospital tending to their only son, but was never given a conclusive answer on what was wrong with him.

“He was not able to breathe on his own and he had to be fed through a feeding tube,” Bullard said.

She further alleged that, “Senior doctors at the hospital at the time admitted to us that they had made a mistake and promised us that he would receive the best care and we trusted them with that but we still wanted answers.”

After months of care, the Bullard’s said their son was never able to leave the hospital. She said he would have bright moments and at times they thought that he would die.

Realizing that nothing more could be done locally, the Bullard’s said that they inquired about treatment abroad, which hospital officials originally agreed to.

“They told us that they would take care of everything. They made the arrangements with a hospital in Florida and the day when we were expected to travel with our son to see doctors, they had another story,” Bullard alleged.

“They turned around and told us that the doctors only needed his samples and that was it. We were in shock because we were hopeful that we would finally get the answers that we were longing for.”

The Bullard’s son died when he was two years old.

The coupled claimed they never got the answers they so desperately wanted and believe that more could have been done to assist their son. They are now preparing to take legal action with the hope that something like this does not happen to another family.

“The day my son died was the worst day of my life,” Bullard said.

Eyewitness News reached out to PMH officials for comment but were told that they will not speak to the matter at this time as they prepare for litigation.