Coronavirus: Number of sick people on anchored cruiseliner jumps to 40

Coronavirus: Number of sick people on anchored cruiseliner jumps to 40

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The infected cruiseliner blocked from docking in The Bahamas over the weekend, has now isolated 40 people with influenza-like symptoms on board.

The Braemar cruise ship is carrying five persons who have tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19), and a doctor was said to be among those now in isolation.

The Bahamas-flagged vessel, which is carrying 682 passengers and 381 crew members, arrived in Bahamian waters on Saturday after receiving permission to drop anchor.

The Fred Olsen Cruise Lines posted an update around 1pm on Sunday, stating the ship was still anchored 25 miles south west of Freeport, and awaiting clearance from Bahamian port authorities to begin moving food, fuel, medication and other supplies for those on board.

Braemar will remain at anchorage until supplies are on board.

“There are now 20 guests in isolation, having shown influenza-like symptoms,” the cruise line said.

“There are also 20 crew members who are isolated, including a doctor. This includes five people who tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus at our last port of call, Willemstad, Curaçao, on Tuesday (March 10th).

“Two additional doctors and a nurse are en route to The Bahamas today to assist the on board Medical Team.

“One further nurse is already on the ground in The Bahamas and is awaiting clearance from local authorities to board the ship.”

The ship has been searching for somewhere to dock after it was denied entry at multiple Caribbean ports.

“No other Caribbean ports were willing to accept the ship because of local sensitivities towards COVID-19,” the company has said.

The World Health Organization has officially classified the spread of the virus – which originated in Wuhan, China as a pandemic

A 61-year-old Bahamian woman has been confirmed as the first positive case of COVID-19 in the country.

The woman presented at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) with symptoms of fever and cough on Friday evening and was tested the following morning. The patient’s level of exposure to the wider public is unknown at this time.

Earlier this morning, Captain Jozo Glavic told guests on board the Braemar: “All our supplies and medications are at the pier in Freeport. They have been there since yesterday.

“We are still waiting for clearance for delivery. We will not go anywhere until we have the medical staff on board and these supplies arrive.

“I can tell you that our situation continues to be looked at as a matter of the utmost urgency between the UK government and our head office.”