Coronavirus: Number of Bahamian residents in quarantine jumps to 15

Coronavirus: Number of Bahamian residents in quarantine jumps to 15
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NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Five more Bahamian residents have been quarantined as the Ministry of Health continues to monitor the global novel coronavirus outbreak.

The virus has spread to at least twenty-seven (27) countries, and now has more than twenty eight thousand (28,000) cases confirmed on Mainland China, with five hundred sixty-five (565) deaths.

An update on Tuesday indicated there were 10 residents in quarantine.

“To date, fifteen (15) residents have been quarantined,” read yesterday’s Ministry of Health update.

“The individuals monitored currently have not experienced symptoms of the virus.

“The Ministry of Health also wishes to advise that the Novel Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Plan (NCPRP) was distributed to all relevant stakeholders. Subsequently, several meetings have been convened to familiarize stakeholders with the plan.”

On Wednesday, the Novel Coronavirus Operations Committee met and reviewed the step-by-step approach with customs and immigration officers and healthcare providers stationed at the Lynden Pindling International Airport and other ports of entry.

The ministry noted meetings were also held with unions, including doctors, nurses, customs and immigration unions, to discuss union members’ concerns regarding 2019-nCoV and how persons can protect themselves.

A meeting was conducted yesterday with health care providers from public and private sectors inclusive of doctors, nurses, allied health workers and support staff to discuss the importance of health facility plans, and emphasize isolation procedures and other protocols.

“The Minister of Health chaired a follow-up meeting to update government agencies on current activities associated with 2019- nCoV, resolve reported loopholes and encourage smooth and effective communication,” the update continued.

“The Ministry of Health also engaged the Bahamas Hotel Association to ensure that frontline staff of our tourism industry are informed and provided with the steps to be taken in the event a person presenting has traveled to Mainland China in the past 20 days.

The ministry noted the Pinewood Constituency Association partnered with the Ministry of Health to stage a Town Hall Meeting at the Cleveland Eneas Primary School in Pinewood Gardens yesterday.

The meeting was held to discuss the topic: “What You Need to Know About the Novel Coronavirus”.


It doesn’t say where the other five new quarantined people came from, did they arrive on flights ?

I see that visitors from mainland China are restricted from entry to the Bahamas, but if they are on a cruise ship that docks, they could have transmitted it to others on board and those other people are then allowed on land, thus bringing the virus to the island, locals and other tourists. Is this being addressed?

Don’t believe anything the highly corrupt Bahamian government tells you; the virus is indeed in Nassau. Keep in mind that their first Prime Minister Lynden Pindling was a no good drug trafficker for the Colombian cart, he encouraged his government officials to do the same. The Bahamas is a corrupt pirate state that will never let you know how bad their murder and crime rate as to lure you for your money making you thinking it’s a paradise; far from it.

Going as a family of 4 with two little kids on a cruise from NYC to Bahamas on the 2/23/20 on the NCL cruise. I am super nervous about this trip and not sure if its worth taking a chance. I somewhat agree with John. Bahamas will not fully declare exactly how many have been infected with the virus, especially after the Royal Caribbean cruise that docked recently with all the Chinese people on it.

Jianna Peters – I’m on the same cruise, also with 2 children. Considering just… not going. FYI: I called the cruise line and you get your taxes and port fees refunded if you cancel ahead of time.

Thanks for the info that a Royal Caribbean cruise docked with Chinese people on it. It will weigh into my decision.

Following the situation…

See you on the cruise… maybe?!?!

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