Coronavirus: Infected cruiseliner seeking harbor in The Bahamas, Cabinet reviewing

Coronavirus: Infected cruiseliner seeking harbor in The Bahamas, Cabinet reviewing
Fred Olsen's Braemar

Four crew and one passenger on board Braemar tested positive for COVID-19

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A cruise ship with five positive coronavirus cases has been rerouted to the country, Eyewitness News can confirm.

However, it is unclear at this time whether Fred Olsen Cruise Lines’ Braemar will be allowed to dock in port.

Transport Minister Renward Wells confirmed the matter is under active review, adding the Cabinet Office will issue a statement on the matter later today.

The cruise line posted an update to its website on Thursday, confirming five people on board tested positive for the coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 disease.

On Wednesday, the cruise line said another passenger’s results were inconclusive.

“We were due to end our ‘Western Caribbean & Central America’ cruise today in Barbados. However we have changed course, following a cautious response from the local authorities, and are now heading towards the Bahamas (our Flag State).

The statement continued: “We are currently working with the Bahamas, the UK government, UK Chamber of Shipping and Public Heath England to ensure that all guests can return home as soon as possible.

“We continue to follow advice from Public Health England and there is currently no requirement for guests to stay in their cabins. However, we have put other measures in place. These include operating open seating at mealtimes, so that guests can sit on emptier tables. We are also asking guests to keep a reasonable distance from each other and crew members, as much as possible.”

It added: “We are keeping those on board regularly updated and are asking all guests and crew to return to their cabin and call the Medical Centre, if they begin to feel unwell.”


With a country that has so many immunocompromised people (cancer patients, dialysis patients, heart patients, just to name a few). How you going to bring this here and kill off your Bahamian people??

The devil is a liar…. And Jesus is lord….Send that ship to its maker…Oh China Town…

I have a cruise already paid for in August. I wonder if I can get a good deal to upgrade my stateroom

Well the bahamas probably rely mostly on tourism economically. I dont think they could afford to shut down ports or restrict travel and survive for to long…just a guess though

They tried to come to Haiti,Thank God the population protested the whole night and did not give them a chance.BAHAMIANS ,STAND UP!!!

I understand your concerns and agree the boat shouldn’t dock but my elderly Mother is on that boat travelling on her own and we are concerned for her safety and how and when will she get home, it’s not as simple as sending the boat away for those that are trapped on the boat

The ship is not sick. The people are sick. Sent the ship to the country where the passenger are from so the country can do it’s job and take care of their citizen.

It is as simple as sending the boat away. If you’re mother is stupid enough to take a cruise at an elderly age after thousands of deaths from Coronavirus last few months ( mostly from cruise ships) Then she knew what she was signing up for. Stop taking cruises you trailer trash America. They are a death trap. Pretty soon they will give you a month free for every week you buy so the sheep can keep on buying.

Yup ignorant foreigners… we’d rely on our second and third largest sectors… Agriculture and Finance. We’ve seen low peaks before…

Who cares?! Let that boat take your mother back where she came from! It was her dumb decision to travel as if she didn’t know what was going on. Stay out!

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