COP: Police making progress in solving abduction cases

COP: Police making progress in solving abduction cases
Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson addresses media.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS –  Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson expressed on Thursday that despite the recent abductions that have left many parents alarmed, the public should not be fearful as the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) is making progress to ensure that these cases are solved.

“I expect pretty shortly that we will bring some resolution to this situation,” Ferguson told reporters on the sidelines at the changing of the guard ceremony at the police headquarters on Thursday.

“The Bahamian people can be assured that we have this situation at hand. I was advised this morning by the assistant commissioner of crime management, along with his team, that they are actively investigating this matter.”

And while a total of five alleged abductions have been reported to police within a three week period,  Ferguson told reporters that only three of the five are being classified as abductions.

“All of the incidents are not categorized as kidnappings and so about three of those matters we are looking seriously at,” the commissioner said.

Meanwhile, a  composite sketch has since been released of a woman suspected to be the alleged kidnapper but no arrests have been made. Commissioner Ferguson, stressed, however, that the police are close to solving the three cases.

The various abductions reported by police are as follows:

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16 – Three-year-old Shavard Bain Jr. was allegedly abducted by two women in a silver vehicle while riding his bicycle in the area of South Beach Estates.

He was later dropped off the following day at a laundromat on Joe Farrington Road with no apparent injuries.

SUNDAY, MARCH 3 – police reported that a six-year-old girl had been abducted around 2:00 a.m. that same day after a man had entered a home on Milton Street and abducted the child.

Police said in less than an hour; the child was discovered walking in the area of Woodlawn Gardens by a passerby and she was taken to the Wulff Road Police Station. The child’s mother alleged that she had been sexually molested by her abductor.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6 – Police reported that a male child was abducted from a park on Emmanuel Drive off Soldier Road, by a female who was the loan occupant of a grey vehicle. The child was dropped later off at Tonique Williams- Darling Highway near to the entrance of the City Dump.

THURSDAY, MARCH 7 – Police reported that sometime around 4:00 p.m., two boys, ages ten and eight, were walking in the area of Kool Acers when they were picked up by a female driving a dark coloured vehicle, of which she was the lone occupant.

A short time later, the 10-year-old boy was dropped back on Kool Acres and the 8-year-child was dropped off at the Tonique Williams-Darling Highway near to the entrance of the city dump.