COP: 760 people monitored by Hubbcat App – 45 officers in quarantine

COP: 760 people monitored by Hubbcat App – 45 officers in quarantine
Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle (PHOTO: Royston Jones Jr)

Several restaurants allowed to open during lockdown to feed people in custody

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said today there are currently 760 people being monitored on the Hubbcat App.

Rolle said the COVID-19 enforcement unit began testing the software yesterday to ensure functionality as the unit fully takes over responsibility from the Ministry of Health for the monitoring of quarantined people.

To date, there are 45 police officers in quarantine, he said.

“Overall the persons have been very cooperative with the lockdown and it’s not been much of an issue,” Rolle.

“We haven’t had any arrests from the quarantine persons, they have been pretty much cooperative. I believe there was one instance where we had gotten an alert and were trying to locate the individual, but yesterday what we were doing was testing our systems.

“As you know we took Hubbcat over from health and we had to put them on to our system. A number of persons were being called, testing our systems to make sure it was working.”

Rolle said he has stressed to officers the need to uphold confidentiality of people in quarantine.

“We haven’t had any resistance (to Hubbcat) as long as we are able to maintain the confidentiality,” he said.

“That’s the main thing for us, that information is not wantonly leaked or get out where it’s not supposed to. I stressed upon them the need, (officers) all required to sign the secrecy act. It carries a five-year penalty, and we take it seriously.

During a press conference today, the commissioner also confirmed there are several restaurants that are allowed open during the lockdown to facilitate the feeding of people in police custody.

Rolle did not provide a list of those restaurants; however, he noted media reports of activity at the Getaway Restaurant and Lounge in the Golden Gates Plaza yesterday.

The commissioner said eateries allowed to open have not been given permission to serve the wider public.

“The restaurants that are allowed open are not to serve members of public, but we had requested persons who are cooking food for prisoners in custody,” Rolle said.

“That’s for the prisoners.”

As of yesterday, there were 1,036 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country.

The lockdown is expected to remain in effect until August 19, and will be reassessed near the end of the period.